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Crash when opening WSP


I just tried to open a WSP after installing the ZIP in Total Command:

Total Commander 8.51a

External exception E0434F4D.
External exception E0434F4D
Windows 8 6.2 (Build 9200)

Please report this error to the Author, with a description
of what you were doing when this error occurred!

Windows exception: E0434F4D
Stack trace:
402249 4026A0 6BCAD8 684B41 684CDF 631FFE
4EB187 4EC5AE 581E41 4466DC 446589 447B66
4464BF 4488AA 446589 4484F6 >42590C 447A9B
42590C 447A09 42590C 447B66 4484F6 42590C
447A9B 42590C 42AFC8 42B064 7056AB
6BA79D 4023EF 4023EF 4020A2 402249 4026A0
4037AA 6FA9CD 6FA97F 6BB1BA 6BCAD8 6FB434
7028E7 6FB434 450042 530050 450042 530050
450042 530050 41002C 68005A 423E4E 6BBAF4
4076EE 6BB0F3 4076EE 6BB0F3 68005A 702255
6C81D8 6E3B22 6C81D8 41002C 702255 6BBC0D
702917 6BFD91 520043 41002C 450042 7026CF
70278B 6FBA14 6C1F9D 6C833C 607129 6C1F9D
607129 41002C 48AFFE 702255 7027B7 423A94
432F57 6F0072 490078 4026B8 4036C1 6FE32E

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Ja Nein

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